Saturday, May 16, 2009

Gluten Free Potato Skins

Two recipes in one day! I finally put the finishing touches on the recipes I've been promising. Saturday is my big work day for now, until after Memorial Day, that is. Then I will be free to work this hard every day...wait...

Well, anyway, about the new food. I just posted recipes for Southwest Chicken and Bacon and Cheese Potato Skins. They are both conveniently located on the same page.

Time saving tips:
  • Use canned chicken for the Southwest Chicken Potato Skins. It shreds up nicely and saves loads of kitchen time, without sacrificing flavor.
  • Use bacon bits for the Bacon and Cheese Potato Skins. The real kind, not the crispy nugget kind. Check the ingredients to make sure they are gluten free though, not all of them are.
Next on the list: Gluten Free Fried Rice and Gluten Free Chicken and Broccoli

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