Thursday, July 23, 2009

Celiac Disease Home Testing

Yes, that's right, a home test. MyCeliacId is a home saliva test that will tell you if you have the genes for Celiac Disease. The test doesn't definitively diagnose the disease, and they are careful to recommend that you see a doctor for an actual diagnoses.

This test is a great breakthrough in Celiac testing and research. More research needs to be done, but studies are pointing to the fact that if you can identify the gene early enough, you can adjust your diet and never actually develop Celiac Disease.

I know, what's the point of not having Celiac if you have to be gluten free anyway, right? Well, the answer lies in overall health. Celiac Disease causes damage throughout the body that can be avoided if caught early enough. This is great news, especially for children who haven't had the chance to really hurt their internal organs yet:)

The test sells for $329 on the MyCeliacId website. You can only order the test for yourself or for someone you are the legal gaurdian of. (No testing of random strangers is allowed!)

Thought for the day: Everyone should get behind donating to Celiac research. We've come a long way, imagine what the future holds!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for your article.
    I think they are missing celiac laws?
    Laws that protect the celiac ctive?
    Even the mandatory genetic testing or analytical?
    How is it possible that in the U.S. are more than three million undiagnosed celiacs? they do not know they are sick (!)
    When you have a diagnosis, if they succeed the damage in your body and be irreperable.
    I think it's crazy (!)
    Should act now.
    sonia gluten free