Monday, January 4, 2010

New Years Resolutions and Gluten Free Revolutions

As a fairly new member of the gluten free elite (18 months, give or take) I don't have quite as much experience swimming in the gluten free ocean as some of the veterans out there.  What I do lack in experience, I try to make up for with adventurousness!

In just the last year, I have watched the "gluten free" label spread throughout society.  There are more choices and tastier foods to eat than ever before.  Restaurants are working to keep up with the demand of the gluten free craze and the pool of products to wade through gets deeper by the second.

The Celiac community seems to be pretty divided about all this.  Some strike out against the trend, citing that it makes it harder to for people to recognize the seriousness of the disease when so many are just following a fad.  They have a good point.  Celiac disease should be taken seriously, and closely monitored.

I, however, am having a hard time planting my feet on the nay-sayers side.  Yes, we now have to specify more than ever that there is a health risk, not a preference at work here.  But, haven't we always had to over-explain our eating habits?  It seems like that front has not changed all that much.

When you weigh the number of options available that were unheard of five years ago, isn't worth a little more campaigning to enlighten people against the damage the trend has done?  For me it is.  The fact that there is so much good new gluten free food hitting the shelves has me sold!

Which brings me to the New Years Resolution portion of the post.  This year, I resolve to make eating an adventure again! I will research products for safety, and try new things every day.   Who knows how long gluten free will be a buzz word?  I'm gonna ride this wave (cautiously, of course) till the end.

Thought for the Day:  I just wish the prices would drop enough to support my need to explore...

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