Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Little Valentine

Wow! It's been a busy week! I'm sure it should be Friday... but, alas, Wednesday prevails.

D.D. and I have bee having a lot of fun the last couple days preparing for the big Valentine's celebration at school. It was (what else) a pizza party!

My husband, blessed soul that he is, planned for this a week ago. He made sure to get some Udi's Pizza Crusts (see the review) for us. His plan was to cook the pizza the night before and send it to school in the lunch box the next day. Yuck!! But, D.D. wouldn't have minded (reference her pizza habits in the previous post).

The pizza never made it to school. We found ourselves with a free girls night on Friday and, well, what else could we have eaten?! Super sensitive mom that I am, I made sure that D.D. understood that this meant there would be no pizza at school. Her response: "That's okay, last time my teacher felt so bad for leaving me out that she gave me a huge handful of candy instead. Gluten free is awesome!"

God bless her innocence, and her teacher as well!

So, today was the party. I'm lucky enough to be a room mom, so I made it to the school toting some tasty wraps to eat. D.D. ate both wraps (yep, mine too) and enjoyed her party very much. They had quite a spread there, thanks to the Super Room Mom (who, by the way, is not me). For dessert, each child was given two cupcakes and a cookie.

At this point, I'm very grateful for gluten free restrictions. No mother wants her darling so hopped up on cupcakes that she is a nutcase by the time school ends!

Not that it made a difference. Instead of the cupcake and cookie feast, D.D. was (again) given a huge amount of candy. I didn't argue, her teacher is so wonderful and understanding.. what could I say? (Except to whisper in D.D's ear to only eat three pieces).

The moral (point?) of this story is a simple one: I have now been able to mark one more potential gluten related disaster off my list! (Wish me luck at the end of this month when we tackle the birthday- She chose to have a party at Chuck-E-Cheese.)

Thought for the day: All teachers should be as wonderful as the one we were blessed with this year!

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