Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Silver Lining

It's facelift time again (apparently). To be honest, I wasn't even aware that I was planning a redesign here until it was already underway. This time I went all the way with it, though, holding nothing back. Truth is, nothing about the old style, including the name, fit me. Maybe that's the reason that I never could write as often as I should. I was spending too much time thinking about what to write, and no time writing what I feel.

So here I am, with a whole new design and so much to fill it with. Today was a trying day. Des was in the hospital having yet another surgery (a minor, outpatient one) and D.D. was home sick. I spent the day at home playing nurse to D.D. and waiting for a call to tell me that Des was fine.

Not that I mind playing nurse :) It really is one of the best things about being a mom. D.D. was only "a little sick" so she got to live it up a bit. Hot tea in a bath overflowing with bubbles and much more than the usual amount of T.V. time.

Yet all day, the rain poured down and thunder shook the house. As cliche as it sounds, I did grow more and more uneasy as the storm grew. Maybe it was something in the air that influenced my mood, but I know that it was something much more that kept me on edge.

See, I like to call myself a writer, but the majority of my job always seems to focus on PR and research. (For the record, I'm not complaining, I love my job :) Today, though, there were very few happy stories to read. I don't know if you've noticed, but sometimes the world can be a bit of a downer.

I won't go into details of the things that got me down today. Partially because it's hard to remember now, but mostly because that is far from the purpose of this post. Suffice to say I was in a fairly decent funk by mid afternoon. When that happens, I immediately go into "Worry World". I worried that the storm would knock out the power costing me hours of work. I wondered if it was gluten contamination or the flu that was keeping D.D. down. I stressed over money, politics and the general state of the world.

Then, the call came. Poj, my loving husband, was calling to tell me that Des was out of surgery... but they couldn't wake her up!

It is impossible to describe how quickly the world came into sharp focus at that moment. Every little thing that had been filling my mind all day left. I sat, staring at my computer screen and...did nothing for a moment. Then I began to pray. I called in others to pray. Then I waited.

In the two hours that I waited for the "All Clear" I wore a hole in the carpet with my pacing and told D.D. I loved her a million times. Thankfully, the call DID come. Des was awake, and would even get to go home today!

It has always amazed me how quickly life can change. Around here lately it changes every day. It seems to me that today brought a change I needed.

I got to finish the evening with two healthy daughters tucked safely into bed. That means that no matter what else happened today, it was a GREAT day! It also means that no matter what tomorrow brings, no matter what storms may rage, we will weather them as a family and look to the rays of sunshine that will always follow.

Thought for the day: Today has been a trying day, and tomorrow probably will be as well - But, how good can anything really be without trying? :)

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