Wednesday, May 12, 2010

140 Characters or Less

I am truly blown away at this moment. We can call it information overload, we can pass it off as an “emotional day”. I’m going to call it a moment of understanding. One of those moments when the whole world comes together to overlap and steal me away to a reverie.

Oddly enough, Twitter is the culprit here. I don’t know about you, but Twitter has always seemed a bit trivial to me. Say all of the important things that you want the world to know in 140 characters or less and hope the world reads your message the way it was intended. Little bites of information, most with links that carry a promise of the full meal at the other end.

Here I am, half of my mind on what to fix for dinner tonight that will please my whole family- four of us now instead of three. How to keep gluten out, make it low dairy for my youngest, and still make it tasty enough for the oldest daughter who has not developed the taste buds for gluten free food yet.

Looking for ideas and sharing a few on Twitter, the rest of the world slowly calls for my attention. Tidbits on a huge oil spill, tips on business promotions, inspirational sayings; people calling out in fear, hope and gratitude... All on the same page.

It amazes me how much we share without sharing in this new world of social media and internet togetherness. We rally behind causes, tweeting and re-tweeting the things that strike a cord, or just a fancy. The next time we log on, the screen has changed, bringing a new list of causes, new things to laugh at, new things to share. And just like that, the old is gone.

I take a moment to worry about the oil in the ocean, and wonder about the volcano disaster that was a trending topic before it. I say a quick prayer for the person who just shouted out in fear to the masses and send a smile to the person having a fantastic day. I cannot touch these people. I can only express support in the form of 140 characters or less, and hope that they see it for what it is meant to be.

Thought for the Day: How is it that some people still feel so alone in this new world of togetherness?

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