Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Late Nights and Gluten Free Stuffed Olives

I was in quite a mood the other night. I was hungry, working with low blood sugar (meaning VERY cranky) and nothing sounded good to eat. Yep, I was in a full scale I-miss-gluten-filled-junk-food-so-I-won't-eat-anything funk. I hate it when this happens! I think I'll blame T.V. It's all those commercials for huge hamburgers (with fluffy gluten filled buns) fried onion rings, pies, cakes, ice cream cakes, donuts... You get the point (and now I'm hungry again).

So, I'm sitting there at 11:30 at night and Poj (the bestest husband in the world) says, "What can I fix you to eat, baby?"

I pouted and replied, "Nothing! I want something special and I can't have it, so nothing." Let me back up a minute here and translate. Special: Something unhealthy, usually fried, that I don't eat very often and that doesn't take any work.

Poj, absolute doll that he is, said, "What do you want, baby? We can figure it out." I launched into my schpeal about burgers and onion rings and added a high note about fried cheese sticks- and that's where he stopped me.

"Let's make cheese sticks!" says Poj, "We have all the stuff!" Now, I know how to make that breaded cheesy goodness, even posted the recipe for it, but at 11:30 at night they did not fit my idea of "special". (See the definition where it refers to "work"). Poj talked me into it, though, telling me how fun it would be to work together and reminding me how happy I would be when eating them.

To the kitchen we went! To find that we had only three pieces of string cheese. By that time we were both committed, though, so we got creative. We had plenty of breading materials, just not enough stuff to fry. Poj went to check the extra fridge downstairs for supplies while I searched upstairs.

When he came back upstairs I was ready. I presented him with a can of large pitted olives, a bag of sliced pepperoni and our three sticks of string cheese, not to mention a sly smile.

"Really?" He asked.

"Really." I replied.

We set to work. I will leave out the details of giggling, mess making and general silliness here and get straight to the point. Poj had the job of stuffing each olive with a tiny piece of cheese and a quarter of a slice of pepperoni. I then took the olives and breaded them nicely. Here is the end result.

Our impromptu stuffed olives were the perfect gluten free snack, no matter what time it was. We dipped them in spaghetti sauce, mainly because I love to dip. 

I have decided to take some time and perfect this recipe before posting it in full. After all, I don't imagine that everyone is slap happy and patient enough to stuff the olives the way we did. I'm looking into either cream cheese or ricotta instead. I'm hoping this will balance the flavors as well as making the gluten free stuffed olives easier to make.

In the mean time, let me just encourage you all to continue your adventures, in and out of the kitchen, and always listen to the Poj in your life. I really was blissfully happy while eating those olives.

Thought for the day: Midnight snacks get more fun the longer they take to make :)

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