Monday, April 18, 2011

Time to Wake Up!

I am beginning this week with a whole new outlook - and keeping that in check with a new grading system. I know, it seems strange to have to grade myself. Seriously, though, my productivity was so low this winter that it was like I slept all season. My blogs, poems, stories and all creativity slept with me. I can say I read a lot which is always a good thing.

One thing I read was a blog entry on Dan Perez: Writing. The article was titled Developing Discipline. I loved it! I have read a lot of blogs and articles on this subject in the past, and though they were very informative they just weren't very helpful to me personally. This one gave me the "Ah-Ha" I needed.

See, I have never had any issues meeting deadlines. My clients and editors only pay when I do meet that deadline. My problem comes from the fact that I have no set deadlines for personal projects. I set them but the lack of consequences often keeps me from meeting them.

No more! Thanks to Dan's idea I now have consequences. He suggested using a point system that transfers into a "grade" for productivity. I took his idea and applied it all the way. I now have weekly point sheets and graphs, as well as a yearly graph that is posted on my wall in the office. Now not only do I have to realistically look at my work but everyone else can too. That is a scary amount of accountability. This means Poj and D.D. now have the power to tsk tsk every time they walk into the office.

It really is just what I needed as I venture into all new territory this year and life changes yet again...but more on that later. For right now, I have many points more to earn today and only a couple hours left to do it in.

Thought for the Day: It seems like I should have more energy after hibernating for four months.

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