Thursday, July 5, 2012

LifeLight and Love Out Loud

This past weekend, D.D. and I had an amazing time at LifeLight, an amazing Christian music festival in Bethany, Missouri. It was super hot outside, over 100 degrees all weekend, but it was totally worth it. We only live about an hour and a half from Bethany. We’re close enough that we could have driven in daily, but we didn’t! Instead, we decided to camp there - and I am so glad we did!

We got there as soon as the campground opened, about eight o’clock Friday morning. The tent camping was first come first serve, so we wanted to grab a good spot. We got the most perfect possible site! We were nestled between four trees that gave us shade all day long! In truth, we could have slept in a little due to the fact that no other campers showed up till noon… but by then we had fully staked our claim.
Perfect Campsite!! Cursed Dayball won't reach me here!
We had carefully planned ahead, packing a cooler with two days worth of healthy, energizing gluten free food. I figured there was no way we were going to be able to buy food there :)

I won’t detail every part of the weekend. It pretty much consisted of swimming, listening to bands, munching and chilling by the tent talking. Add in a bit of silliness and a couple new friends and that’s pretty much the whole story. I definitely recommend the experience to anyone who lives remotely close to a LifeLight area.
D.D. and I hanging out in the tent.
I do want to highlight one particular part of the weekend, though. There is one band that really stuck out in my mind… and their songs are really catchy so they play in my head a lot :)

Sometime on Friday afternoon, we had a visitor to our tent. He said his name was Nathan (hope I spelled it right) and he’s the bass player for a band called Love Out Loud. I love the name of the band! Nathan played us a couple of the band’s songs and said he was just letting people know that they would be playing soon and asked if we wanted to come and see. I loved what I was hearing and said, “Of course!”
Love Out Loud puts on a great show!
Love Out Loud turned out be a great show! The music is fun, peppy and very catchy, with some very deep lyrics and a sound that makes you want to dance and sing along. Here it was, over 100 degrees out and these guys were jumping around full steam. You can tell that they love what they do :)

Here’s the part that really got me: About halfway through their set, the power went out to the entire festival grounds. Someone had hit a transformer and left all three stages quiet. Well, two of them…

Love Out Loud was not to be stopped by a silly thing like power! Instead, they grabbed an acoustic guitar, sat on the edge of the stage and told everyone to come in closer. They led the crowd in a fun sing-along consisting of some of their stuff, some well-known songs, and pretty much anything else that popped into anyone’s head.
Thanks for the sing-along, guys :)

D.D. and I had a great time! Needless to say, we bought both CD’s that were offered in the merch tent so we could bring the music home with us.
So, to recap: Love Out Loud - Nice guys, super fun, definitely worth checking out.

Two other bands that I had to bring home with me are Kiros and She Said. Both have a heavier rock sound and put on a great show.

I will absolutely be attending LifeLight Missouri next year. It was worth every bit of the heat.

Thought for the Day: Do what you love, it shows.

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