Monday, September 3, 2012

The Price of Health and Beauty

D.D. was out last night and Poj was occupied with a project on his computer so I had a few rare moments alone with the TV. Today, I find myself glad that this doesn't happen often since the consequences of my TV time last night won't go away. Why, you ask? Simply because I got sucked into the infomercial zone.

Here are the facts: I am 32 years old. Though I recognize the fact that I am not yet 'old' (and never will be!) I am beginning to see the toll that those 32 years have taken on my body. My super long hair is no longer as silky-smooth as I would like it to be; my stomach, thighs and behind are not in 'dancer' condition; and my skin is beginning to have (gasp!) cute little lines and furrows.

I am certain that every infomercial ever made is marketed and directed right at me. I know this because I have spent the last 24 hours trying to convince Poj that I do, in fact, need to spend $30 to purchase the Wen Hair Care Line. This, despite the fact that I know it contains wheat and I have seen the results of using wheat products in my hair. I think what I am really trying to purchase is the hair that belongs to the models on the commercial... Does that come in a bottle?

If my own common sense weren't keeping me from making the call, I'm pretty sure I could win the Wen battle. The real war, though, is in the fact that I was 100% won over and convinced that I NEED a Fluidity Fitness Bar. This thing is a well-balanced, portable ballet barre with a yoga mat attached. I've been doing yoga and pilates for years and am overly excited about adding ballet moves to my routines.

So, imagine me coveting this portable ballet barre/exercise machine thing and hollering periodic updates to Poj in the other room about how bad I need this thing (with him laughing and shaking his head, we've been down this road before). I watched the entire infomercial with rapt attention, waiting for them to give me the magic number that I could take to my budget loving husband with pleading eyes and the statement of, "It only costs..."

Well, the only number they offer through the whole commercial is $14.95 -- for a 30 day trial. At this point my consumer savvy brain kicks in and a voice very like my mother's whispers, "If the price isn't listed, you can't afford it."

Midnight found me sitting at my computer looking up the particulars on this fabulous workout must-have. Sure enough, to order the complete system I'm looking at a total of around $500... This thing is so far outside my budget range that it will have to be pushed back into the 'dreams I once had box' (or maybe the after D.D. gets out of school box?)

The sad part is, I still want it!! I've spent a good chunk of my day trying to figure out where to buy it on sale, how to make one myself and/or how to erase the memory of the commercial last night that started it all.

The good news is that the obsession I now have with ballyogalates led to the discovery that the recliner in my living room is exactly the height I need for barre exercises. I may not be able to do pull-ups on it, but I can do most of the exercises and we'll still be able to eat this month - It's a win-win! Now that that's settled, I can spend tomorrow revising my plans to actually get up early enough to work out.

Thought for the Day: $530 won't buy me eternal youth and happiness, but figuring out how to get the same benefits without spending that much money is really exercising my creativity!

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